Anil’s Inspirational Note | Airborne to Chairborne

This is the Essay that is a part of the Standard X English Reader for the High School Syllabus in State of Maharashtra.

MP Anil Kumar - The Chairborne Warrior

All my attempts to move my limbs were futile. The pain in the neck was excruciating and it intensified by the second. I was stumped for a moment but quickly recovered to realise the seriousness and significance of my inability to get up. I do not remember whether I screamed involuntarily, then, in sheer desperation. On that abominable night, my mind was in a medley of intense frustration, utmost dejection and extreme disappointment. For some timeless moments, I wished I were dead.
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Real Hero | M P Anil Kumar

From The Young

M.P. Anil Kumar is a former Air Force Pilot. He was born and brought up in a village by name Chirayinkil, 35 kms north of Trivandrum. He was awarded as the best Air Force cadet of 65th course of National Defence Academy (NDA), Khadakwasla, Pune and as the best in aerobatics of 134th Pilots Course of Air Force Academy, Secunderabad. In Dec ’84, he was commissioned into the IAF as a fighter pilot.

On 28 June ’88, at around 2300 hrs, whilst returning to the Officers Mess on his motorcycle after night flying, he drove onto a road barrier, inside Air Force Station, Pathankot. The spinal injury due to the accident left him completely paralysed below the neck. Continue reading

You bowl, I hit !

” In the 1983 World Cup final, that exquisite square-drive off Roberts executed going down on a knee … timeless and heavenly … I will take that to my grave.” M P Anil Kumar on the one-man cavalry that was Kris Srikkanth.

Credit : Adrian Murrell/Getty Images

Both Imran Khan and Vivian Richards, the skippers of Pakistan and West Indies respectively, dittoed: If we knock over Srikkanth cheaply, the Cup should be ours. Kapil Dev, the Indian skipper, was equally emphatic: If Srikkanth strikes, there’s no stopping India. With three crackerjack half-centuries from five matches, and being the top scorer of the World Championship Cup in Australia (February-March 1985), it was but natural for all three skippers to identify Srikkanth as the likely match-winner in the Rothmans Cup played at Sharjah in November 1985.

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How Ads are sucking the Fun out of Cricket

An Indian cricket fan waves the tricolour during a Test match between Australia and India in Mohali.

Pix Credit : Andrew Caballero-Reynolds/Reuters

When I told him that I do not watch IPL matches, the expression of disbelief on his face had to be seen to be believed. The bemused man was none other than the editor-in-chief of I started playing cricket in my alma mater (Sainik School, Kazhakootam, Kerala), and wore the school colours for two years. I was so passionate about cricket that despite the crammed day in the National Defence Academy and the Air Force, I would somehow steal morsels of the telecast or radio commentary to keep track of every match India played.

I still remember slithering out of a two-layered sleeping bag in the sub-ten-degree small hours of Leh to be ready to watch the first ball bowled at 4:30 am in an ODI between India and New Zealand played at Launceston (Tasmania) in February 1986. Continue reading | The Pilot who is a Fighter

M P Anil Kumar was a dashing MiG-21 pilot in the Indian Air Force when a road accident left him paralaysed below the neck. He was just 24. For the past 19 years he has lived in the military’s Paraplegic Rehabilitation Centre in Pune and has become an inspiration to many in the manner in which he has picked up the threads of his life. Today Anil Kumar uses a keyboard with his mouth and is a gifted writer whose by-line readers will instantly recognise. An article he wrote about his disability was so inspirational that it found its way in school textbooks in Maharashtra.

Nitin Sathe, who was in the same course as Anil Kumar at the National Defence Academy, Khadakvasla, pays tribute to this amazing fighter as we continue our series on Extraordinary Indians. Continue reading

The National Defence Academy is Sixty

The National Defence Academy

The unbeatable force, in both war and peace

The National Defence Academy is currently celebrating its diamond jubilee. M P Anil Kumar, a former fighter pilot, graduated from the NDA in 1983. In this elegant tribute, he salutes the Academy and its alumni, many of whom made the supreme sacrifice in the line of duty for their motherland. Continue reading

Heed the Cry of the Armed Forces

The Indian Jawan‘Fighter pilot !’ Whenever I introduced myself that way, while in service and now out of it, I could always espy a sense of awe and admiration.   Yet, I have forever regarded the infantry officer more than anyone else. For, I have been mesmerised by his mettle to command unquestioned obedience from the men he led into battle when everyone knew a likely death lurked round the bend. Continue reading