About Chairborne Warrior

The Will to Write

This is the team-effort of a group of Kazhakians ( Cadets of Sainik School, Kazhakootam), way junior to MP Anil Kumar at school, to create a place of interaction and engagement for the hundreds of hearts that seek out to know more about the inspiring saga of this former fighter pilot across the Web.

To us, he is and will always remain one of the bravest and inspirational figures we have ever come across, in our lives.

The tone of the content here would partly be in first person and in third person, as we try to have Anil Kumar’s ruminations, perspectives and personal outlook on life around him through time published here, as well as integrating content on subjects and topics that are close to his heart and those he feels should reach more eyes and ears.

Anil Kumar MP would very much be an active part of this, and you could contact him via the Contact Form here or through the different points of engagement in each article posted here ( Facebook, the Comments Section) and can be sure to hear from him, though it would take a bit longer than the usual threshold of expectation online.

{ Sadly, it wouldn’t be anymore, as MP took off for his Final Sortie into the sunset, on 20 May 2014. }

Thank you for passing through.


4 thoughts on “About Chairborne Warrior

  1. Anil -An inspiration for generations. Anil the warrior would always live in our memories.. I had the rare honour of meeting him in Pune a few years ago. Anil your courage and indomitable spirit lives on for ever for mankind!

  2. “Airborne to Chairborne” is one of the very few chapters that remain in my conscious memory from the high school English lessons. I was saddened to know from the newspaper this morning that M.P. Anilkumar passed away bravely fighting yet another personal battle. After I stumbled upon this blog, I was even more saddened that he spent the last 2 decades, so close to where I stay. Had I known earlier that he was at the PRC, I would have at least tried to find an opportunity to meet him in person.

    May his memories stay in the hearts of all the people his life touched in some way or the other. And may his spirit assimilate with all of humanity and give each one of us the courage and conviction to fight against all odds that life throws at us.

  3. I read MP Anil Kumar in class tenth textbook. His tragedy shattered me and left me wondering for days. I am one of those very emotional kinds who immediately start feeling the pain and loss. No, this is no self-compliment. It is one of the worst ways to live life. You can’t start crying at the sight of every injustice, that way you only kill your eyes and stop enjoying life. Anil’s chapter – From Airborne to Chairborne, is itched firmly in my mind, so clear that I remember every line. Imagine what it would have done to me then, a small girl in class tenth. That’s when my father intervened, he read what disturbed me and then said, “Didn’t you see the silver lining in the dark clouds?”
    Almost immediately, I was relieved of a big pain in my heart. I could now see through Anil’s writing. He inspired me then, he inspires me now.

    Did he pass away? I would beg to differ on this. No he didn’t. When someone continues to live in our hearts, how can they pass away. Life is beyond some breaths and heartbeats. Life is what inspires others. Life is what motivates others. Life is what makes you worth living. Anil’s writing inspired me to seek life beyond the mundane. I agree that until this blog, I had read just that chapter but that chapter was enough for me to reboot myself whenever I was down and out. Anil would never be out, not even when a silly accident brought a huge tragedy in his life. Anil would never give up, not even if it took him months to master the art of writing with mouth. If Anil wouldn’t give up then how can those who read him, got inspired by him, can give up? Anil, you’re a rockstar and you will continue to stay one, not only for me but also for my kids and perhaps my grandkids. You continue to stay strong, you continue to live!!!

  4. Dear All who read about his life.

    It all started with my daughter who came across the engish chapter “Airborne to Chair borne” in her english text when on 10th std here in Bombay way back in 2004.
    After the exam she went along with me to see him. At that time he was not known to this scale. The spoke for two hrs and exchanged knowledge about the space and flight technics. It was amazing to know his knowledge in this field. That inspiration has taken her to the excellence in her studies. Now she is doing MS in space science in a leading Canadian university with fellowship. They are still in touch and exchange the news about the new discovery in space science.
    This is the spirit he induct in the minds of youngesters. Thanks to Anil and we all pray for his recovery

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