Heed the Cry of the Armed Forces

The Indian Jawan‘Fighter pilot !’ Whenever I introduced myself that way, while in service and now out of it, I could always espy a sense of awe and admiration.   Yet, I have forever regarded the infantry officer more than anyone else. For, I have been mesmerised by his mettle to command unquestioned obedience from the men he led into battle when everyone knew a likely death lurked round the bend. Continue reading


The Tsunami Warriors deserve our Salute

It was January 26, 2005. The familiar visage of my school chum riveted my attention to the television screen. The Doordarshan correspondent gushed while covering the sterling work being done by the crew of the Indian Navy’s anti-submarine frigate INS Taragiri in tsunami-ravaged Sri Lanka , especially in the worst-hit Galle and the surrounding Hikkaduva region in the southwest. That was the image of my classmate Commander G Prakash, the captain of the Taragiri. So, out of curiosity, I googled to find out whether he and his men had notched up reports in the media for their remarkable stint in Galle. Continue reading