The Chairborne Warrior has passed on


MP Anil Kumar aka The Chairborne Warrior passed away, on 20 May 2014, after a brief battle with Acute Myeloid Leukemia, at MH (Military Hospital), Kirkee.

The Funeral was at the Bopodi Gas Shavadahini crematorium near CME ( Harish ) bridge, approx. 2.5 km from PRC on 21 May 2014, and well attended.

May his Soul Rest in Peace.


He will always remain, an inspiration.


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  1. i have been reduced to tears as i read these comments made by so many to realise the massive impact Anil had on all of them and now posthumously on me ….his grit his story is stuff that make up legends …
    I believe a person bound for heaven has to go trough hell on this earth, before they reach their final destination !!…Anon …RIP my friend

  2. He had set an example for generations to come. I met him twice in Pune. I still kept the copies of his articles he personally gave me about 10 years ago. May his soul rest in peace.

  3. As I write this, Anil would be making his final journey from this world. I am sure the many friends he has would have a story to tell, of the journey he made to their hearts and minds, here is mine….

    The fantastic part about mine is that I chanced upon information about Anil in a totally simple circumstance – I was tidying one of the rooms in our apartment that was shared over the years with many friends. Among the several piles of books I found one old copy of OBA magazine. As I leafed through it I found this article where Anil’s writing in pencil in his mouth was reproduced. The one page article and the writing made it sort of unbelievable. I asked my friend Babu Narayanan, the magazine was his and he said Anil was his senior at Sainik School.

    The story stayed in a corner of my mind and when I went to Pune the next year, I think it was in 1996, on office work, I made time to take an auto to Khadki (as it is pronounced) to the paraplegic home. At that time I didn’t have a clue about the kind of person I was going to meet. As I made my way to the room pointed out to me by a care taker in the premises, I passed a window. I still remember the image in my mind of a person sitting in a high-back chair and working. I entered the room and found 3 beds, one of them occupied. I quickly came out since I wasn’t familiar with the place and the rules. The person I saw through the window was in a small room adjoining the bigger hall where the 3 beds were. He had a question in his eyes and his pencil stopped. I realized that was Anil, the person I read about in the OBA magazine. He moved the pencil up and down to say “come in”. I re-entered the door and turned left and found myself in Anil’s work place.

    I introduced myself in a vague way, “I read about you in a magazine that was in my house, belongs to one Babu Narayanan……..”. I don’t remember how he dislodged the pencil, may be the person who takes care of him came in and took the pencil. Then began our conversation; I remember vividly that I stayed for more than an hour and we spoke only about each other – what did we study, what is our area of work etc. Since I was in IT and I found books on Java in a pile behind him, I asked him and found out he was studying Java to get better acquainted with computer! I do not remember feeling I met a paraplegic; he hardly ever made me feel his disability or the accident that caused it. There was such total acceptance in him of his situation and I suppose that made everyone forget that his life took such a tragic turn due to a sad accident.

    I continued to see him whenever I went to Pune, just to chat. I introduced some of my friends too. Another time my husband and I met him together. My husband is a malayalee and studied in Trivandrum, Loyola school. I had told Anil about it in the previous visit and he was trying to ‘place’ him. When he saw him, he immediately said “you are one of those from our rival football team!”. His sense of humour, his brilliant memory, and his way of conveying so much in the shortest time that you spend with him – all of it will forever be etched in ones memory. When we met him we always came away with some new knowledge – about current political situation in Maharashtra, Kerala and India; about fighter aircrafts, about war in general …….so many different subjects. In one of those visits he told me how the accident took place and how freak it was. Even that time I don’t remember signs of regret, it was as though he had no time for such emotions. He would talk in the same musical voice of his and the perfectly formed English sentences.

    In 2001 my husband started working with a Pune based organization, so visits to Pune were more frequent – at least once in 18 months. I managed to meet Anil every time. He told us about the lesson in Class X English text “Airborne to Chairborne”. He made sure to acknowledge visits of our friends who helped with problems in internet connectivity, or with a book that he was looking for etc. I saw the IT books growing in number in his room. He studied Oracle and database management. He used to verify some of his observations with me and I wondered at his immense capacity to absorb an entirely new domain. He showed how he coordinated the 25-year reunion of his school. That was amazing to see him maneuvering the website and ‘participating’ in the event.

    Another time I remember him telling me he was looking forward to going out the next day, it was to be a one hour journey through Pune to see what changes took place. When I asked him during my next visit, he said the caretaker took off on that day, so he had to go with a new person. Because of that it was not possible to be in his usual seated position inside the vehicle (they cannot take the risk, he said). So he was lying down in the vehicle and had to see at the level of the glass window. He said he could appreciate the changes in the new IT technopark areas, but the rest was not visible from that height.

    In 2009 we shared with him the news of adopting a baby girl, and his immediate response “I am a strong proponent of adoption, since it changes the lives of at least three people”. He seemed to have thought about most circumstances in lives of people and society. He was pleased to see our 3-year old and I could see the appreciation in his eyes for the child.
    I am happy our daughter could meet him a few times and the last was when she turned 7. It was a year ago, in February. We went to meet him and for the first time I saw him in his chair, out in the open area. Possibly it was the first time I was meeting him in that season, for he said to me “this is the only time of the year I get to come out a bit and get some Vitamin D; other times there are too many insects and it is difficult to avoid getting bitten or troubled by them.” It was a simple statement, but I wouldn’t have been able to know this constraint unless I met him then. Other times we always met inside and he never made me feel he was longing to go out! He was happy to hear my daughter sing and called out to another inmate who was passing by in his wheel chair, saying he was from Andhra Pradesh.

    Once he pointed to one of the 3 beds and said that person passed away. Since then he was, I think, alone in that room with 3 beds. Of late he has also been saying that he feels physiological age was more than physical age in his condition. He said he is feeling the changes and felt that the system may not take it for long….

    I didn’t know what to feel when I heard that he was ill. I came to know of it two days ago and I heard him in my mind’s ear, talking of his age and circumstance. I wondered what is illness for him? He battled along cheerfully with that immense physical constraint, and had such spirit of spreading cheer. So I wished for him a state where he can communicate to people around and also not have any more pain. It had to be cancer that had to give him the exit from this world…Well, he knew by far much more about the disease than many others, so I am sure he would have been frustrated when he came to know of the diagnosis. We talked about it last year when I met him and told that I lost my close relative to lung cancer. I was stupefied by his knowledge of the disease. I feel sorry I didn’t get to meet him this February when I was in Pune; we would have been able to communicate a bit and may be I could have….. spoken words of comfort?

    Each time I face a crisis I think of him, can any crisis be bigger than his? I take inspiration from the knowledge that such a person did really exist. I met him so much by chance and it has made such a difference in my life.

    • lovely and simply but powerfully put !! Lakshmi see my comment on this and would like to talk to you . my comment reproduced intentions ..reinstated !!
      John please lets connect i think Anils works and life need a biography and have spoken to @maria and @ col MAhip chadha Mahip Chadha

      and lets get volunteers in place to give this brave man a fitting and eternal place in the heart and minds of indian as an inspiration !! my number 9849454569

  4. My Salute to Sir from my heart.
    I come to know only when I read an article published in Times of India, May 21 about news of his passed away.
    The article touched my heart and mind so much about him, which further made me to know about him on internet. Also read his writing “Airborne to Chairborne”. Very much inspired me the way he lived his life with strong determination and strong will.
    His life is great inspiration for all.
    If I would have a chance to met him. I have saluted him in person.
    May his soul rest in peace.

  5. Anil was my NDA coursemate and Squadron type (India Sqn). We were also classmates in NDA and sat together for nearly two years. He was an inspiration for me as he was not only very good in academics but excellent in all outdoor activities of PT and games. He helped me a lot during the outdoor activities in the initial semesters of NDA and really helped me to improve my physical standards and prowess in games. I met him later after his accident when I was in CME, Pune in 1989-90 for our 3 semesters of Signals degree course. I used to visit him regularly during that time. Anil’s positive attitude in spite of his disability was a big plus for us and we always came back happy after spending time time with him. I never got a chance to visit pune again during my entire career till 2007 when I went to Pune for a day. I met him for an hour before leaving for the airport and found him at peace and a real inspiration for others. I very much wanted my daughter to meet him but never got a chance to go back. That wish of mine now will remain unfulfilled but his story will always remain with us.

    May his soul rest in peace.

  6. Respected Sir,

    I salute you.

    What a fantastic example you have set for us!

    You are and will remain an ‘INSPIRATION’ for generations to come.

    I feel so happy to realize that you are airborne again…Fly in peace, Sir.

    Lovingly yours,
    Debanjan Roy

  7. met you just once………….. mailed you just once…………….. …… dreamed of an everlasting friendship with you for a life of inspiration and optimism………
    But you just left like that without even giving a goodbye to any of us. Was struck by the greatest shock that day……………… The few lines you sent me as your reply to my mail is all that I have to cherish about you………………………

    Calming down from the shock………… I realize…………….. When most of the people live for their worldly desires and ambitions, there are a few born to impart the greatness they have to their fellow beings, in means and things that are far superior to the desires we have. They are known not for the significance of their bodies but that of their spirits. And for that reason, once born, they never die……………….

    Salute to you sir. You’ll always remain an inspiration to us all and will be remembered and treasured for generations for the quality of humanity that you imparted to us………. You’ll live through us far longer than you did through yourself…………..

  8. dEAR Anil sir,

    Dear Anil SIr,

    I happen to knew the sad news today through my husband. I feel bad today to post this comment as this was unexpected news for me and my sister.

    Interaction through mails made me so comfortable and ur suggestive mails is now only things to be cherised.

    The battle of a soldier during the war till end is reflection of yours life.. But your approach towards life is speechless for other to comment.

    Salute to you sir from bottom of my heart and would pray to god for your soul to rest in peace.

  9. salute you sir,really proud of you,you are a true inspiration for the future generations,you are the true hero………………
    with love and respect

  10. Today I was saddened to know from my house members this morning that M.P. Anilkumar passed away bravely fighting yet another battle with Cancer, M P Anilkumar, He was my close relative and the person who inspired me very much in my childhood.
    Initially I heard from my beloved father proudly says ,Anil was a distinguished student from Sainik School and got selected in National Defense Academy followed he joined in Indian Air Force as Fighter Pilot. These words sticks on my heart, and thought I want to become a Pilot. Unfortunately my faith could not be allowed to fulfill my aspiration or dream as a pilot. But each and every achievements in my life related to those attempt which I did my childhood, which means some thread directly or indirectly related to my old hero Mr. MP Anilkumar, his life touched in some way or the other. Always remained in my heart, will remain forever.
    All prayers and from my very bottom of heart felt condolence …
    Rest in peace.
    Sanju Sadanandan.

  11. He is my uncle who giv me my name….he is the most strong person I have ever seen. …..he is most efficient person in our family…….God’s. … faith….

  12. MP ,I salute you from the bottom of my heart..I was saddened to read that MP Anil Kumar has passed away..MP you are true hero and a inspiration to the people of India….Thank you..U r my hero…

  13. “Airborne to Chairborne” is one of the very few chapters that remain in my conscious memory from the high school English lessons. I was saddened to know from the newspaper this morning that M.P. Anilkumar passed away bravely fighting yet another personal battle. After I stumbled upon this blog, I was even more saddened that he spent the last 2 decades, so close to where I stay. Had I known earlier that he was at the PRC, I would have at least tried to find an opportunity to meet him in person.

    May his memories stay in the hearts of all the people his life touched in some way or the other. And may his spirit assimilate with all of humanity and give each one of us the courage and conviction to fight against all odds that life throws at us.

    We salute the life you lead and inspired so many of us.

  14. I had read abot MP on net only. He was a remarkable man. A true Hero. RIP my friend. May GOD gives you a better life next time .

  15. Dear Sir,
    I have read about you from today’s papers, your beautiful essay and the internet. You are a true warrior, having touched and inspired the lives of many. Your indomitable courage and determination to fight all odds will motivate us through life. I wish I had the opportunity to meet you or in the least see you. I will paste your writings on my walls and introduce each one i know to your undying spirit. You are a true hero and your teachings will live on with us forever. Fate grounded you 26 yrs ago, but you are free to fly now. FIP (fly in peace)…Salute !!


  16. I had the honour of meeting Anil Kumar Uncle, when I visited him with my father in Pune. I was in my second year in college and was working on a project which Uncle helped me out with. What struck me as soon as I met him was his determination and lack of any self pity. Anything I say will be less for this air warrior. However I will say that his memory will continue to serve as inspiration for me to get up and dust myself off when life presents it’s hurdles( a mere trifle compared to his troubles). Inspiration to know that there is no hurdle too large that cannot be surpassed by sheer strength of will and determination!!

  17. Meeting Anil was a pilgrimage.
    After that, all of life’s worries were purged.
    Now, it is not necessary to visit him.
    Just thinking about his life is enough.

  18. I had the privilege of meeting Anil Kumar while on the Industrial Tour from DSSC. Though I did not know him then, I accepted a fellow officer’s offer to accompany him to meet Anil. Our train, in which we used to stay was docked at Kirkee Railway Station which was a few hundred meters from Paraplegic home. I will never forget that meeting and to date still carry fond memories of that heroic officer’s battle with his injury, his indomitable courage in the face of so overwhelming odds, his wit, and his will to live. Then, he had been just presented an electric wheelchair, which he could maneuvered with his chin. He told me of the research that was going on for injuries such as his, based on funds provided by Jim Reeves (Superman), and was hopeful that someday, a solution would be found to successfully operate on injuries to the 4th and 5th vertebrae. For him, the highlight of the day was when he was put in the wheelchair, which he would manouvre to the gate and in his own words ‘see the world go by’. Another highlight of his life was when he was presented with a desktop computer by the Air Force Association. However his determined efforts to use it through a pencil in his mouth came to nought at the time when he had to press 2 keys at once (Alt+C) for example. This he explained triumphantly was overcome by some his friends from a local hardware firm who designed common 2 touch button into one. He gave me a copy of the manuscript of his famous article ‘From Airborne to Chairborne’. I came away from that meeting with a sense of being touched by something spectacular.

    Rest in Peace, Anil….may God Bless your soul.

  19. I must admit taht I had not known MP Anil Kumar before reading about his passing away in today’s newspaper… and i could not help finding more about him on the net, and i am glad i did.

    This is the stuff legends are made of … a warrior forever – in life, in face of adversity and in face of death… Fate may have denied him professional glory, but the glory he has so fightingly achieved is much bigger…. his is the kind of life that will continue to inspire generations… – even extreme adversity could not take out the soldier from this man… Bravo MP Anil Kumar. He really lived life as it should be lived.

    Even a 21 gun salute would be less for this braveheart…RIP MP Anil Kumar

  20. Dear Anil,
    The inspiration of our life…will miss you terribly…..will regret for ever that we could not meet you once more after our last meeting several years ago….if only we had known you were in such a hurry to fly away….

    Reeta and Rekha

  21. While our nation basks in glory of fake and artificial heroes, the true and real ones die a silent death. Such is the story of MP Anil Kumar.
    I have been one of those lucky few who was introduced to MP Anil Kumar through his lesson in school, “Airborne to Chair-borne’. Of course, initially it did blow me off my head to understand what was actually written. Impeccable English of the highest order is what I used to call the chapter, back in school. But something about it intrigued me. I sent a casual fan mail, admiring and complaining of then pain we 15 year olds were put through in studying that chapter. I had totally forgotten about it and was surprised to find a witty reply in return. This began a little pen pal relationship between me and Sir, the way I fondly and aptly called him. On one of our family visits to Pune, we decided to stop by and meet Sir.  What me and my entire family witnessed that day was an unforgettable experience. They say a soldier laughs in the face of death and pain and to see and experience this laughter and smile of victory one must visit the Paraplegic Home in Khadki, Pune. No world cup victory, no IPL match win, no nothing can be as victorious as meeting and sharing the aura of joy and a sense of completion one sees here. No doubt it is said that one must be more than human to serve one’s nation! True heroes are these, but alas, they are highly unrecognised and unknown! It is sad that our children and youth know every cricketer, footballer and thanks to the recent elections, every corrupt politician too, but our true men who stand guard each moment to make sure our country and her countrymen stay and sleep in peace are unheard of. They live for every single of us but the irony is that they die alone. And yet, they see an achievement in this. Hats off, respect.
    MP Anil Kumar, may be no more but in what I call a lifetime lived, he taught me and I am sure every other who met him and knew of him, what living is all about. Who else could have smiled and looked as normal as any other with the only movement in your body being your neck movements? His muscles neck below were literally pulp but that never stopped him from making each day count. He lived what we call a life truly lived, leaving us admirers of him awestruck and proud always. Sir, you will truly be missed. The mails we exchanged will always remain as my prized oossession. I am sure it weren’t easy for you to live most of your life (26 out of 50 years) as a paraplegic, but you never let it stop you. You lived by your words, “The greater the difficulty, the sweeter the victory”. To that victorious self, to that victorious smile, to that victorious life – true respect, admiration, adulation! Your life had become from Airborne to Chair borne, death has freed and redeemed you, you have now become Airborne again. Maybe your soul soar the skies where you were always meant to be. Airborne –  Chair borne – Airborne again! RIP! Adieu!

    • Melz,

      Your words are truly a tribute to the great warrior… I have not met him but your words brought him close to my heart …we, the so called” fit” live trying to solve -the great puzzle-LIFE, to busy to touch the hearts of people we come across ….But MP Anil kumar ,more fitter anyone of us mentally,in his short span of 50 years inspired so many..Airborne-Chair borne-Airborne again indeed!

    • well said Metz!! He went back to where he always wanted!! Airborne-Chairborne -Airborne…………………….

  22. I had the privilege to spend few hours with MP recently along with one of his close friends Cdr Panicker. He has left me with a lasting impression of what is fighting spirit. I quote his words when he was told about the confirmed report of leukaemia – “OK, I will fight this also”. RIP, brave soldier.

  23. Respected Sir,
    I know this post will not matter to you now. I had learnt about u from a chapter in my English text book and since then you were my inspiration for facing all difficulties. You are deep set hero in my heart. I felt deeply broken when I read the heart shattering news. i just wished i knew you were based in Pune i would have taken an honor to meet you. I will regret this My Hero whom I did not meet being so close.

  24. Dear Anil Sir,

    When you did not reply back to my email on your birthday, it felt like a vacuum – and now that vacuum will stay forever.

    You have always been my greatest inspiration – a true hero and god’s own.
    I will always remember your message – to live life to the fullest and accept every challenge in a positive spirit.

    You have touched so many lives and will forever remain in our memories.
    Wish you all happiness beyond this world … I can see you soaring high and that you are very happy to be ‘airborne’ again.

    I am truly honored to have known you, met you. Salute to your exceptional warrior spirit.

    I remain..


  25. Dear MP Sir,

    If you see this, please know you will in our hearts and minds forever. I remember when I first met you back in 1997, and what I have learnt from you since cannot be expressed in words. Your spirit will remain a source of inspiration to me and my family. Thanks for everything.


  26. Came to know of MP only now, through the posts of my dear friend Shrikrishna Kulkarni. And as I read all these messages, I visualise him and his battles and can only say that True warriors like him are immortal and always around. Supreme example that human spirit is limitless.

    Rajesh Matreja

  27. Our friendship started many many years ago, through the email corridor. From then on till very recently we have been in touch through email. Through them you have been a real good shoulder to cry for me and i have been lucky to lent mine too in those very special times when the pain overcame the spirit and you needed someone to talk to.

    I cherish the time my family could spent with you. You have been their hero and that visit was the result of repeated requests from my children and Jaya and the fact that my classmate, Babu Bhasker was stationed at Pune. We did not have much to catch up on, but you were up and ready and waiting and full of laughter, talking to the children and sharing with them many things which they never thought you knew. As to my batchmates, you were much better informed than me.

    We smiled bravely throughout the visit and shed the occasional tear in private.

    About a few days back, when you could come back to PRC, we could also talk over phone. i knew you were in pain, but as always you brushed that aside with, ” i am fifty, you know”. Yes I know, we shared our 25th Wedding anniversary with your 50th birthday on the 7th of May.

    You have been the shining light to many people, of Hope, of fighting, of never saying enough. Your life has been an example of tireless strife against grave adversities, of keeping hope above all else and of taking all the problems in life in stride with a smile.

    Lately, fate took another cruel turn and seemed to take sadistic pleasure in hurting you. We were all helpless and could only be onlookers, while in suffered the pain. Prayers poured in from all over.

    You have now been let free of the shackles that bound you down for all of 26 years to soar into the skies above us. i know that you are up there, keeping guard over us and the scores of children who have been blessed by your presence amongst us.

    Audieu, my friend. We will miss you…

    Gopikrishna with Jaya, Gayu and Gokul

  28. Never met you but only heard about you MP. The pencil tapping your articles on the keyboard has taken on a new meaning — never give up, as there is more to life! Farewell dear air warrior! You have been an inspiration to so many!

  29. Dear MP,
    You have been an inspiration to many. We are going to miss you. Rest in eternal peace, dear friend………
    OP Krishnan

  30. Dear MP Sir,
    You were and will remain an inspiration to many. I am just a reader of your articles on rediff but got to know more about you by a rediff article on you. Today I am feeling really sad that you are no more. Hope your soul rest in eternal peace !!

  31. Dear MP,
    Still remember the day I drove to Pathankot from Jammu to meet you and the evening we shared. I think we were meeting for the first time after NDA days. The next meeting was at Kirkee, soon after your admission to MH. At that point in time I never imagined how would rest of your life be. You proved us wrong and taught us how to live a meaningful and full life. You were always ahead of all of us. Even today you just moved ahead of us.
    Keep Flying……
    Babu CK

  32. Anil and I were in 3 Squadron together and I remember him as a fun loving, easy going person who was serious about his work and life. I will always remember him sweating profusely after a good game. A simple person, a good pilot and a good friend. One wonders why accidents and tragedies occur to good people.

    Over so many years, lying in bed, paralyzed for life, most would have given up long ago but not MP. He carved a niche for himself and stayed jovial, even writing to the Air Chief on behalf of another pilot who had been injured critically and (I don’t remember the details) getting justice for this pilot.

    Over so many years, one tends to forget names and people but not MP, every time I went to meet him at PRC Khirkee, he would ask the minutest details about my family and continued the conversations we had a few years ago at our last meetings. My last meeting was a year ago when I took my son to Pune for admission to college. I took my son along for the meeting and he was surprised to find Anil so jovial and full of life – cracking jokes and laughing.

    If ever there was a profile in courage it was MP Anil Kumar. As the comments above show, he has touched so many lives and made a difference to so many. 1.9 million hits on Google and all this when he wasn’t even trying.

    Rest in peace dear friend. You have fully deserved it.

  33. Rest In Peace …..MP sir…you have been a beacon to many, teaching us …setting a personal example for many to dare to follow!

  34. I am truly saddened by MP’s death. MP was more than just a friend; He was an amazing person. He was always so kind and he created the opportunity for me to meet with my classmates after almost 40 years . His passing will not only leave a void in our lives, but in the hearts of everyone who knew him. MP’s memory will always remain deep within my heart. –
    With deepest sympathy.
    Biju K Mathew

  35. Dear Anil/MP kaka,

    Even though I am three generations younger than you, I still choose to give you my best wishes. From the time I have met you or had been introduced to you, you always intrigued me and also gave me a “never give up” attitude to look up to.

    I remeber coming to the hospital where you were and touching your arms or pinching them asking you wether you could feel it, but still you were never irritated and only amused. I not only look upto your attitude but also your great literary skills.

    Vishnu ( I study in the tenth grade and am the son of your NDA coursemate Shrikrishna Kulkarni, your good friend.)

  36. Dear Sir,

    Thank you for being the spirit for many of us during trying times. For me whenever I felt life has not been fair you always flashed up to say c’mon accept it and move on with a smile on your face. I kept telling my loved ones that they should meet you to appreciate life better and I feel for them in having lost that opportunity.

    The more I tend to write, like Mahesh puts it, am getting very emotional.

    You will always remain very close to our hearts.

    Hats off to you and rest in peace!

    Rajesh M

  37. Dear Sir,
    I read the article about you on this day on, when i tried to google more about you , i came across this page that you are no more. My salutes to you

  38. Dear MP sir,
    You have touched my life in a way I did not think possible. And in your passing, you remind us all again how life is to be lived. I hope to finish the unfinished some day and dedicate it to you. RIP.

  39. Those days at school, he was a man with great sports man spirit, I stll remmeber him , , though I never had a chance to meet him @ MH pune now I feel very sorry for not able to meet him , some how he influenced me a lot from him writings and well respected comments about MP from his batch mates and others
    I pray for his soul to be rest in peace

  40. MP I first met you nearly twenty years back. I have been visiting you since then. You fought your disability head-on. But lost the battle to a form of Cancer.
    A true soldier – you have quit only after death. RIP

  41. I wasn’t aware of MP’s ailment. Wrote to him on 17th May and was surprised that he didn’t write back.
    Just read on rediff now that he has passed.
    I never met him and now never will.
    He was an inspiration to me at a time when I at the lowest point in my life.
    May his soul rest in peace.
    He is a free bird again.

  42. MP was to be posted to my squadron (No 4 Sqn IAF), but met with the accident shortly before that date. As a consequence, I never met him, but the name remained in memory. Many years later, on a flight to Pune, I visited the PRC and met him in person for the first time. A great privilege and what a fine human being. Anything I say will sound cliched, but what needs to be said must be. I came out after meeting him with a smile on my face and with the sense that there is no problem too big to be faced. What came across was his dauntless courage, interest in life and an amazing lack of self pity. Now he is free….but wasn’t he always?

  43. My dear MP sir was an embodiment of immense courage and great affection ..I am blessed to come in his contact in my lifetime..i learnt gratitude at all times from him..he showed me the beautiful nature of the soul which works independent of the body..
    He is now with his supreme Father ..resting in divine light and peace..Bless us sir and continue filling us with your love..
    I express gratitude and want to thank the PRC staff for making PRC his loving home..and let us all help PRC in our ways in future in Anil sir’s memory!

  44. Sir,

    Thanks for being around as a font of inspiration and someone who’s personally touched so many but been an exemplar to so many more. Your strength in adversity, your insistence on all clouds having a silver lining, your grace under extreme duress; your resilience over life’s travails would have broken lesser mortals.

    “To shed the light, one has to sometimes burn oneself.”

    You were also one of the finest cricketer’s I’ve seen with a cover drive and back foot play as good as any.(both on TV and outside it). One memory that sticks from a long time ago is the way you walked away after being at the receiving end of an erroneous caught behind decision. All good grace, without a word escaping your visage. A prelude to the kindness and courage with which you led your life.

    A life has to be measured not in terms of numerical longevity, but on the degree of its impact on other people.

    And if that is a measure, you have lived longer than all of us put together.

    RIP. Brave Warrior, Patriot, “Kazakh.”

    If ever there was a soul to exemplify these lines from Anand-‘Zindagi Badi Honi Chahiye, Lambi Nahi Babu Moshai ‘-it was you.

    Today you have made “Babu Moshais’ of all of us.

    Rest. Peace.

  45. Your Rallying call and exhortations will forever pull us together MP. The bravest of the brave, with his chin always up. Salaam Dost ..These tears aren’t bloody stopping…Mahesh Vitekar.


  47. Dearest MP,

    I am thrilled that you can stretch those wings again and soar. On May 18th, 2014, you told me that “I was a free bird”. Nah 🙂 I think you are the “free bird”, now 🙂 You gave me so much, and I am sure many more will voice the same sentiment. I am grateful to the Divine Masters for having reclaimed you. You were always their very own.

    With love, I remain,

    Your friend always,


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